Industrial Roller Shutters

A roller shutter appears similar looking to a roller door and work on the same principal however they are more commonly used as a preference for commercial buildings.

Roller shutters are heavy duty, hard wearing and are built with individual slats rather than an all in one curtain like a roller door. This is beneficial when any damage is done a slat can be replaced rather than an entire door.

There are various types of industrial roller shutters, Flash Doors can supply and install as per your specification or we can provide an engineered solution appropriate to your requirements.

Variances to each application may include but are not limited to slat profile width, ventilation requirements including slotting and perforation, fitting requirements including standard or reverse roll, wind locks, manual operation or motorised including high cycle usage, locking systems and various finishes including galvanised or powder coated.

Fire Rated Shutters

Fire shutters are ideal for use in high risk areas such open areas where fires cannot be easily contained, they automatically close at a controlled rate when activated to eliminate fires from spreading within the building.

Flash Doors supply and install either 2 or 4 hour rated shutters certified by the CSIRO Division of Materials Science & Engineering in accordance with Australian standard 1530 and are accompanied with a certificate of compliance.

Fire Shutters are most commonly used within shopping centres, hospitals, schools or in factories where flammable materials are present.

Carpark Shutters

Carpark shutters can have a few variances to typical roller shutters determined by their location and usage demand.

As carparks are usually high traffic areas it is highly recommended to incorporate dead lift motors and drums to prolong the life of the components on the shutter.

Various customisation options are available for carpark shutters including control safety, logic control automation which allows operation by remote controls and card readers.

Ventilation in a carpark is an essential consideration we can provide slotting and perforation to your carpark shutter allow increased air flow.

Domestic and Light Commercial

The appearance and functionality of any door can make a considerable difference to a property.

Flash Doors can provide multiple solutions to meet your needs and requirements. We supply and install roller doors, panel lift doors and tilt doors.

Various options include manual operation, motorisation, choice of colour and the type of door.

Like most consumer goods there are many products on the market that appear similar however there can be a considerable variation of quality which can become very confusing without professional advice.

Please give us a call to discuss your next project and an obligation free quote

Engineered Solutions

At Flash Doors we can make your ideas a reality or provide “out of the box” engineered solutions.

This may include cutting out framework to your existing openings to give you additional head room or width within your space, we commonly use this method for garages or sheds that need clearance for a boat or caravan.

Additional solutions may include but not limited to building framework to support a roller door, boxing in a carport, securing a laneway or replacing outdated gating.

Emergency Service

Flash Doors offers a 24/7 emergency repairs service. If an accident has occurred or you are experiencing difficulties securing your door or shutter outside of our business hours 8.00am- 3.30pm please contact our after hours technicians on 0477 514 517